Video maker

How to use video maker

How to use video maker


How to:

1. Add the new file

Click “+Create A Video” to start. Select either Article to Video, Theme to video, or Template to Video depends on your need. Make sure to select the correct video size as intended.

2. Edit the media

Add the media by clicking “+ADD” on the Media section. You can either upload, select from the selection on the media base, or retrieve from any site using URL link. You can also add the music for the audio background by click ‘upload’ or choose from the selection provided on the ‘Mediabase’.

3. Edit and make the video

Arrange all of the images, gif, and video in clipboards as you desired. Free to adjust the duration, audio background, and filter effect to enhance the video creation. You can also type in some text on the text box to add text on the video. Click ‘Preview’ to review the video and proceed to ‘produce video’ to finally download the video.

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