Blur Object in Video

Something somewhat inappropriate spotted on your video footage? Blurred the area that you don’t wish to be shown! Shift the attention of your audience to something more captivating. With a subtle blur, you can adjust the size and the opacity of the blurred area. It is so subtle that your audience might not even notice in the first place.

How to hide some objects on your video using blur


How to:

1. Add the blur effect

Click the plus icon (+) to add the blur effect in the video. You can add several blur effects by clicking the plus icon (+) as many as needed and the minus icon (-) to remove the blur.

2. Adjust the blur

Resize, drag freely, and change the opacity of the blur effect as you desired.

3. Apply to change

Be sure to click “Apply” before moving on to the next to save the adjustment that has been made on the video.

Other Tools

Effect/ filter

Modify your plain video clip or simply fix the color with various selection of filter effect. Enhance the emotion and ambience of your video to fit your needs!

Transition effect video

One of the keys to creating a great video is the clips that glide eloquently. Having several footages combined sometimes can be rough and tacky. It is an absolute nightmare for all video editors. Unite all of your video footages together by applying the transition effect of your choice!