AI Video Creation Platform

Making engaging videos is no more labor-intensive.

GliaStudio helps you videolize your content in seconds.

How GliaStudio Works

Our AI technology automatically creates videos out of your preferred content with optional customized features.

Content Analytics

Just paste the content URL or upload file, our natural language algorithm will go over the content to find major topics and keywords, and then generate video scripts with sections and highlights.

Material Mapping

Based on the generated video script, our AI engine will search and edit the corresponding image and clips.

Video Creation

You can easily create different versions for A/B testing and obtain better engagement on social media. GliaStudio is equipped with user-friendly editing package to make your video at your preference.

Video Optimization

We can help you link generated videos with your social media channels to work for the best marketing result.

Latest Videos

Sample Video – Product-Focus Publisher

Sample Video - E Commerce

Sample Video – Online Game

Let’s get start with GliaStudio

Choose the service that works for you

Self Service

For individual or team who sometimes need to create videos in their busy lives. Our self ServiceContent offers a compact package to support your video creation.

Blogger / Ad Agency / Wedding Planner

Enterprise Service

For companies who cannot live without videos. Our enterprise ServiceContent supports mass video production with customized features. Media library AI indexing and editing service are also available upon request.

Online Publisher / TV Media /

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