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Our cloud data solutions provide you a smarter way to enjoy big data and make the most of it.


Lightning fast business insight

GliaCloud platform is designed to handle structured and unstructured data in a highly efficient manner, enabling fast and efficient queries to help you make real time business decisions.

Integrated with Everything

Harness various open and public data sources such as weather, news event and geolocation information and integrate with your own data to be able to get the full insight.

Intelligent data modeling

Cloud-based machine learning tools that can automatically understand your data, and perform applications such as predict time series trends, identify user segments, and auto fill missing or unreachable data.

Batch and Real Time Data Collection

Events, device log, user behavior and other useful data can be sent to GliaCloud platform in real-time or by batch. Our API framework is simple to use that just a simple few steps to reach your business dashboard!

No Schema Headaches

Without predefining the data schema, GliaCloud automatically detects the patterns of your data and develops the required schema itself. When your business and products change to adapt new environment, we can help your data to adapt to new changes seamlessly.

Securely Stored, Anytime, Anywhere

Data need to be easily managed and secured at the same time. GliaCloud is built with world class storage technology, and all your data are bank level secured both during real-time processing and in long term storage.

Too much on Infrastructures, less on Customers

Businesses today have spent too much efforts in managing their infrastructures for enabling business data analysis.

We help you manage the details of your complex infrastructure and deliver you real time business insights so that you can focus on your customers.

big data analytics
Not enough industry specific insights
Many BI solutions today can only provide generic summary of your business data instead of what your business should really need to know. GliaCloud provides you with sophisticated machine learning techniques to transform your data into industry specific intelligence.

Hard to acquire right Talents

As more talents are required to build the complex analysis tools and study the forever growing dataset, it has become more difficult to find enough right talents for your business.

GliaCloud interfaces are designed to be ultra-friendly to both business and technical users, just a few simple steps to make use of API plugins and Dashboards.

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